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Celine Dion songs are well known around the world, and it’s no wonder—with a singing career that has spanned more than twenty years, this Quebec native has made a well-deserved superstar reputation for herself. The recipient of more than 1,000 awards honoring Celine Dion concerts, albums, and movie soundtracks, there is an impressive list of Celine Dion greatest hits.

The first English album of Celine Dion songs was released in 1990: Unison was produced in collaboration with songwriter David Foster, and the top single, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” hit Number 5 in the music charts and was a driving force in selling more than a million copies of the Unison album.

One of the best-known Celine Dion greatest hits came in 1992 when she sang the title song to the movie Beauty and the Beast in a duet with Peabo Bryson. The song reached number one status and earned Celine a Grammy and an Academy Award. Her second English album, titled Celine Dion, featured the Beauty and the Beast title song and earned her a gold record in the U.S. Worldwide, the album sold more than 12 million copies.

In 1993, “The Colour of My Love” album featured Celine Dion songs and romantic ballads. Three songs on the album were featured on movie soundtracks: “When I Fall in Love” was showcased in Sleepless in Seattle and “Because You Loved Me” and “The Power of Love” can both be heard in Up Close and Personal. One of the most popular songs by Celine Dion is also a movie tune. “My Heart Will Go On,” featured in Titanic, became one of the top-selling musical singles and the best selling single song of 1998.

From 2003 to 2007, Celine held a five-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where she performed her greatest hits five nights a week to sold-out schedules. A New Day was an extremely popular Las Vegas show, and following a three-year break for a world tour and to spend time with her family, there is a new Celine Dion Caesars Palace show in the works.

Celine Dion tickets are available for the new series; the first date on the Celine Dion schedule was March 15, 2011, and concerts are scheduled through August 2012. The new show will feature plenty of the greatest Celine Dion songs in addition to classic Hollywood music. Centering on classic Hollywood romances, the performances include 31 musicians and an incredible array of visual effects to complement Celine’s voice.

The most popular songs by Celine Dion are virtually guaranteed to appear in the new show, so if you’re dying to see her perform “My Heart Will Go On” or other Celine Dion greatest hits in person, book your Las Vegas vacation, reserve rooms at one of the hotels in Vegas, and get your Celine tickets well in advance.

Caesars Palace is one of the most entertaining hotels in Las Vegas, and if you’d like to spend a few days here after attending one of the Celine shows, you can look into Celine Dion show packages, which let you combine the best attractions Vegas has to offer with one of its finest shows. No matter how else you spend your time, the most popular songs by Celine Dion make the perfect soundtrack to any vacation in Las Vegas.