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Celine Dion Concerts

Celine Dion concerts will once again be taking the stage in Las Vegas. The Canadian superstar wrapped up her A New Day concert series, and after a three-year break for a world tour and time with her family, Celine will once again be headlining at the Caesars Palace Colosseum in Vegas.

Seeing Celine Dion live in Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Celine’s career has spanned three decades and earned her many music awards, including Grammys, American Music, Felix, and Juno awards. Fans who want Celine Dion tickets for her new show in Vegas should be sure to book early—her last series of Caesars Palace shows sold out every night.

The Celine Dion Caesars Palace official residence began March 15, 2011, with shows at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays through Sunday evenings. Celine tickets are on sale and more dates are being added to the schedule all the time.

Prior to her return to Vegas, Celine’s Taking Chances 2008-2009 tour had its inaugural world opening in South Africa, where she performed in nine cities to huge crowds. Celine Dion music holds the record in South Africa as being the country’s best-selling pop artist. The Taking Chances tour included five continents and 25 countries before Celine returned to North America.

After the success of both A New Day and Taking Chances, the Celine Dion Caesars Palace show has a great deal to live up to, but the show created just for the Colosseum in Vegas is sure to be equal to the task. In addition to seeing Celine Dion live in Vegas, guests will also see 31 musicians and an incredible array of visual effects to complement both the Celine Dion songs and the classic Hollywood tunes she plans to perform. Celine Dion music is well suited to this kind of extravagant performance, and the singer’s stunning voice can easily hold its own with the visual effects.

Tickets to see Celine Dion live in Vegas can be bought ahead of time either on their own or as part of a Celine Dion show package for the show. Getting a ticket package ensure's that you’re not just seeing Celine Dion concerts, but also getting the chance to enjoy some of the best attractions that Vegas has to offer, whether you're interested in shopping at the CityCenter or riding the roller coaster at New York New York.

Celine Dion concerts are popular in Vegas—even after five years on stage at the Colosseum, all of her shows sold out quickly. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Las Vegas, whether you’re traveling on your own, on your honeymoon, or with your kids, check out the Celine Dion show schedule. You won’t forget your trip to this amazing concert.